arPLAYtecture is a creative platform where architecture and design meet play and playfulness.
arPLAYtecture aims to help professionals and students place themselves in the magic circle during the creative process to avoid or minimise the adverse effects of pressure and uncertainty, overcome the blank paper’s mental block, stimulate creativity, promote reflection, and think outside the box.
Last but not least, arPLAYtecture seeks to stimulate non-designers creativity to get them on board in co-creation processes.

"To play is to be in the world. Playing is a form of understanding what surrounds and who we are."
Miguel Sicart, "Play Matters"
"The pleasure of play is understandable. The productivity of play is harder to explain."
Steven Johnson, "Wonderland. How Play Made the Modern World"
"We want our modern world to be [...] full of the expressive capacities of play. But we also want them to be effective [...] We want playfulness - the capacity to use play outside the context of play."
Miguel Sicart, "Play Matters"
"Without play, there is no experimentation [...] without experimentation, there is no 'quest for answers' "
Paul Rand, quoted by Steven Heller in "Paul Rand: The Play Principle"
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Playful tools

Would you like to improve your creative process, dynamise and enrich your teamwork, or improve your students' learning? I can design tools and methods to guide you during the divergent and convergent phases of the process.

Design Thinking for Students and Professionals

Would you like to enrich your human-centred approach or benefit from Design Thinking principles? I can design and facilitate workshops for students and professionals.

Co-creation Workshops

Do you need to develop co-creation activities? I can design and facilitate them, introducing tailored tools that help you and non-designers participants stimulate the creativity and find a common language.

Design Research

Are you looking for relevant insights to develop user-friendly design-, architectural- and urban projects? I can conduct human-centred design research, applying design thinking tools and methods.

Playful Design

Are you interested in developing meaningful, open-ended products, spaces or objects for the users? I can help you from A to Z (design research, prototyping, testing, production).