As an architect, I have dedicated the last twenty years mainly to research, always around the creative architectural process, to discover methods and tools to improve it and make it more dynamic.

In addition, teaching in a design studio for many years gave me, among other things, a broad vision of the strengths and weaknesses of current study plans.

My passion for working with systems, a notion closely connected to that of games, led me to present my application for the Master’s in Design for Play (Designskolen Kolding, Denmark). However, my interest was not focused on design for play but play for design. Yes, I aimed to discover how play could become an ally in improving and energising architects/architecture students’ creative processes and non-designers creativity.

Being a natural visual thinker and combining my background as an architect, a teacher and a researcher with my Master’s in Design for Play, I became a playful cross-pollinator ready to:

  • Conduct human-centred design research, applying design thinking tools and methods to analyse the obtained data and build helpful insights to develop user-friendly architectural and urban projects.
  • Design playful tools and methods for the creative process and co-creation activities.
  • Design and facilitate co-creation workshops.
  • Design and facilitate human-centred workshops for architecture students and young architects.

Maria Candela Suarez

PhD Architect and Play Designer

quien es Maria Candela Suarez